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Driving Business Efficiency Through Digital Transformation

Digital Efficiency

Done correctly, digital transformation delivers great competitive advantage, however, it also has the potential to achieve this with significantly lower operational costs than those associated with traditional approaches to IT.

Advances in technology are increasing productivity by enabling new ways to rapidly collaborate with internal and external partners, while intelligent automation is revolutionising the provision and management of infrastructure and service delivery at dramatically lower costs, freeing up more resources for generating new revenue streams and value for the organisation.


By creating an environment that connects every end-user regardless of their location or device, businesses are able to rapidly roll-out new technology across the corporate network and leverage SaaS-based applications. This helps end-users to work smarter and more efficiently.

By creating an agile digital environment, previously manual tasks can be automated and information can flow more freely between systems. This removes duplication of processes and provides people with the information they need, all of which drives greater workforce productivity.


The foundation for digital transformation is a Secure Software-Defined Infrastructure that adapts to the changing needs of the business whilst simplifying the provision and management of IT.

Abstraction of the design and business intent of the infrastructure from the hardware that hosts it and deployment through software onto a standard pool of shared resources as required allows physical management of underlying network, storage and compute resources to be standardised and managed independently from individual business requirements to achieve high levels of efficiency at vastly lower costs.

The ability to centrally define and manage availability and security policies that travel with workloads ensures that security is enforced wherever the applications and data reside, while the automation of configuration and management eliminates the risk of manual error and greatly simplifies the complexity and risk of implementing infrastructure changes.


According to IDC, traditional approaches to IT consume up to 80% of IT budgets in simply maintaining existing levels of service with no incremental value to the business. Most of this cost is associated with inefficient manual processes and the cost of implementing changes within overly complex technical environments.

Secure Software-Defined Infrastructure from HighPoint leverages automation throughout to eliminate the risks associated with manual error and accelerate the pace at which the organisation can implement change in response to business needs. Elastic consumption models allow infrastructure resources to be expanded easily across the hybrid cloud to accommodate fluctuations in demand without locking in capital long-term in infrastructure that may not be fully utilised, making more resources available to drive value and pursue other business objectives.



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