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For many IT organisations navigating the pandemic has felt a little like treading water. Budgets have become even tighter given economic uncertainty and many strategic transformation projects have paused with to make way for the challenges of lockdown and home working.

As we emerge from restrictions, it is time to rebuild momentum, to address priorities and to realign strategic IT initiatives to the needs of the post-pandemic business.

This is why we have created Momentum, a network of IT Professionals, Subject Matter Experts and Leading Vendors to collectively address what is important now and to explore and share creative ways to move IT forward.

By joining Momentum you gain access to a network of like-minded IT professionals; you are invited to exclusive ‘fast track’ events that not only share what is possible but explores creative ways of making things happen; and you gain access to subject matter experts and vendors that can help you address your priorities.




You face significant challenges. What is required from your IT infrastructure is different from the pre-pandemic world; there is a new way of working. The need for digital transformation has not gone away but has accelerated over the past twelve months and there are still plenty of immediate priorities that must be addressed.

You are not alone; other IT Leaders face the same challenges and from being part of the Momentum network you gain the opportunity to learn from each other and find creative ways to quickly deliver the outcomes you need.


The Momentum programme is free to join and the areas of focus, events and discussions are all driven by the members. We provide the framework to deliver what the members need and will gain value from. By joining the programme you gain access to:

Round Tables & Briefings

We will invite you to regular round table discussions and fast-track sessions where you have the opportunity to share challenges with your peer group and gain ideas.

Momentum Events

Thoughts & Ideas

We will share regular blogs from Subject Matter Experts that focus in on the key issues being faced today and share ‘creative’ ways on how these can be addressed.

Momentum Resources

Personal Workshop

We will provide you with your own Momentum Workshop that drills down on your challenges and draws on the relevant experts to add value.

Momentum Workshop

LinkedIn Networking Group

You will be invited to participate in a closed LinkedIn group where members from a broad range of IT backgrounds and sectors will share challenges, experiences and ideas.