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How Do You Measure
Digital Customer Experience?

Application Assurance – 23rd September @ 10am


We hope you can join us on 23rd September for the next of our unique virtual coffee mornings.

Today you are not judged on the uptime of your business-critical applications, but the quality of the digital experience they are delivering to your customers.

Customers judge you on how quickly your online services refresh, the speed at which they can access information and the frictionless experience you deliver.

But how do you measure this? How do you optimise this?

This is the topic for our next coffee morning, we provide the coffee and you and your peer group explore this critical challenge. How do you gain visibility into the interdependencies of applications that span ever changing hybrid cloud environments? How do you measure application performance? And more importantly how do you continually optimise this to deliver application assurance?

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We want you to be perfectly relaxed and gain the maximum value out of our coffee morning, so we will send you a selection of coffee to enjoy, but it’s not just any old coffee – it’s from Coaltown.

Coaltown Coffee Brewers are a specialty coffee roastery, based in Ammanford, an ex-coal mining community in South Wales. They focus on sustainable and transparent trade with small farms from across the coffee growing regions of the world, and aim to uphold quality at every stage of their production, delivering coffee that is full of personality.

Application Assurance

Today, it is critical for organisations to deliver the best possible Digital Experience to customers. You monitor the uptime of key applications and the performance of your infrastructure – but how do you truly understand the end-user experience being delivered right now?

This is what we call Application Assurance.

The ability to truly understand each of your business-critical applications and the hybrid infrastructure and dependencies that affect their performance. The gaining of visibility to benchmark what good looks and continually monitor against this to optimise the end-to-end application delivery.

In this coffee morning we will explore and facilitate a group discussion on what is Application Assurance, and how organisations can gain the visibility they need, leverage automation, and deliver the service that is expected today.



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