Event: How Do You Measure Digital Customer Experience? - HighPoint Digital

How Do You Measure
Digital Customer Experience?

Application Assurance – Thursday, 9 December


Join us on 9th December for our working coffee morning.


Today you are not judged on the uptime of your business-critical applications, but the quality of the digital experience they are delivering to your customers.

Customers judge you on how quickly your online services refresh, the speed at which they can access information and the frictionless experience you deliver.

But how do you measure this? How do you optimise this?
This is the topic for our working coffee morning, we provide the coffee and you and your peer group explore this critical challenge.

How do you gain visibility into the interdependencies of applications that span ever changing hybrid cloud environments?

How do you measure application performance? And more importantly how do you continually optimise this to deliver application assurance?

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