September Application Assurance Coffee Morning - HighPoint Digital

HighPoint Momentum Coffee Morning

Application Assurance – Thursday, 23 September


We hope you can join us on 23rd September for the next of our unique virtual coffee mornings.

With coffee in hand from our friends at Welsh roastery, Coaltown Coffee, you can relax and learn Application Assurance as we walk you through a demonstration on how tools and automation can be used to benchmark, monitor and continually optimize the experience delivered by your business-critical applications.

Simply complete your details in the adjacent form to book your place on our coffee morning taking place on Thursday 23 September from 10.00am

In the lead-up to this virtual event, we will send you your Coaltown Coffee (whole bean, ground, or Nespresso pod, as you prefer) to ensure you’re awake and ready to go to get the most out of this insightful morning session.

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Coaltown Coffee Brewers are a specialty coffee roastery, based in Ammanford, an ex-coal mining community in South Wales. They focus on sustainable and transparent trade with small farms from across the coffee growing regions of the world, and aim to uphold quality at every stage of their production, delivering coffee that is full of personality.

In our unique coffee morning, the team at Coaltown Coffee will help you to make the perfect cup of coffee at home. Prior to the virtual event they will send you an AeroPress Coffee Machine and all the ingredients you need. Their expert barrister will then walk you through how to brew your own coffee to perfection.

Application Assurance

Traditional application performance metrics do not provide what you need today to understand, measure and assure the best possible customer experience.

By utilizing our people, processes and market-leading technology, we are able to provide you with the visibility into your business-critical applications. You gain the real-time holistic insight into how they are operating which is critical in order to assure the best possible customer experience.

We will walk you through how HighPoint Application Assurance enables you to manage your business-critical applications in terms of Business KPIs rather than silo-based SLAs. We will walk you through our approach of evidence-based modelling that enables you to gain a far greater return on investment, whilst delivering enhanced compliance and security benefits that are tangible.



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