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SD-WAN, Is It Right for You?

Are you running into challenges with your legacy WAN architecture due to digital innovation initiatives at branch offices?

Do you have visibility and control over applications running at your WAN Edge?

Is your security posture strong enough at branch locations as you increase cloud connectivity?

– Are ever-increasing bandwidth requirements increasing MPLS operational costs?

Get Visibility into Your Application Usage, Security Posture, and Bandwidth Utilisation by obtaining our Free Secure SD-WAN Assessment Report.

Demystify Your WAN Edge with a Free Secure SD-WAN Assessment Report

There has been a lot written about SD-WAN over recent years and many organisations have made the move to utilise SD-WAN solutions to optimise and secure their network edge. But, for those organisations that are yet to make the move, how can you truly assess the value that SD-WAN can deliver for your organisation and how does it help to address the current priority challenges you face?

Before we drill-down on the best approach to evaluating and understanding the value of SD-WAN, let’s take a step back and understand what the key objectives of this technology are and how it can address the key challenges of bandwidth and security for geographically-dispersed organisations.

Addressing the Fundamental Challenges of Legacy WAN

We commonly see two fundamental challenges faced by organisations with their legacy WAN infrastructure:

Slowing Down Cloud Adoption – in order for organisations to migrate critical business applications to the cloud or adopt SaaS based solution, they need to be able to connect end-users to these applications with an acceptable user experience. The topology of legacy WAN infrastructure where all traffic is backhauled to a central location is creating crippling bottlenecks and preventing the migration of services from central on-premises or private cloud infrastructure to more agile hybrid clouds.

Ever Increasing Security Threats – with the network edge being extended beyond the physical infrastructure that you own, the traditional approach of overlaying security onto the network has to be addressed and deploying a networking environment that is secure by design.

It is both of these factors that SD-WAN can address, as well as many more. Intelligently routing traffic based on its required destination removes the ‘backhaul bottlenecks’ and effectively places applications closer to end-users. You also gain far greater visibility and control over the security of your network edge, enabling centrally controlled access and security policies to be propagated across your entire network and leveraging the network as a sensor.

So How Do You Assess the True Extent of the Benefits of SD-WAN?

In order to truly understand the full scope of the value that SD-WAN can bring to your organisation, it is key that you first have an understanding of how your current network edge infrastructure is working.

We offer a free-of-charge Secure SD-WAN Assessment Service that is designed to provide you with a comprehensive set of insights into your current WAN including application usage and user experience, bandwidth utilisation and security vulnerability.


The way this service works is that we provide you with an appliance that you connect onto your network and this is used to monitor activity over several days. The anonymised logs from this appliance are then used to produce a detailed assessment of your network edge infrastructure based on real-world rather than theoretic data points. Below is an example of the Executive Summary provided with a detailed report behind this.


After compiling your Secure SD-WAN Assessment Report, one of our specialists will walk you through the key elements of our findings that include:

Application Visibility & Experience

Detail on what applications are connecting to both internal and external resources. The report will give you a breakdown of bandwidth usage across different categories of applications such as VoIP/Video, collaboration, social media, etc., and enable you to verify performance and usage of your critical applications.

Security & Threat Prevention

We will outline the high-risk applications used in your network, top threats based on the application vulnerability exploits detected, and the identification of any devices/hosts which are currently at risk within your network.

Bandwidth Utilisation

We will identify which locations consume the most bandwidth and further analyse this by the top bandwidth-consuming hosts and destination resources. This will enable you to assess the current optimisation and cost-effectiveness of your WAN.

The Value Delivered By The Assessment

The assessment is ideal for anyone who is ether contemplating a move to SD-WAN or who are currently facing challenges and issues with the network edge. It will provide you with visibility on how your WAN infrastructure is currently performing, identify the security risk and areas where you can make cost savings and/or improve the end-user experience, and more importantly, provides you with valuable detail to assist you in building the business case for SD-WAN.

To request a Free HighPoint Secure SD-WAN Assessment, simply visit our webpage.