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Agile Operations

A Secure, Software-Defined Infrastructure from HighPoint offers massive potential to increase business agility for your organisation however it is how the environment is operated that will determine how well this potential is realised. According to Gartner, traditional IT operations can consume up to 80% of available budget simply in maintaining existing service levels – the Agile Enterprise utilises this budget for innovation and the development of rich customer experiences that can be brought to market ahead of the competition. Agile Operations from HighPoint, based on automation and analytics, make this possible.


Next generation IT departments recognise that lines of business need to have immediate access to resources to support innovation and the rapid development of new products and services. HighPoint’s Agile Operations team will help you deliver the agility that comes with self-service provisioning, supported by automated orchestration of development, test and production environments according to centrally defined security, geo-location and availability policies directly into the hands of your business units that need them without compromising the security of the business.


The programmable nature of the Secure, Software-Defined Infrastructure and the virtualisation of network functions allows re-configuration of the environment to be done upon demand. Required changes may be rolled out across entire data centres or campus areas of the global network rapidly and without any disruption to existing services in response to regulatory requirements or to provide additional functionality to users quickly. Automating IT operations not only makes this possible but significantly reduces the risks associated with making these changes by eliminating manual errors and adhering without exception to your defined policies and procedures for the implementation of infrastructure changes. During operation, every component of your Secure Software-Defined Infrastructure is continuously monitored and correlated with data points and events across the environment to allow automated proactive actions to be taken before any incidents become service impacting, enabling you to assure the delivery of applications, data and services to your customers. Developing automation for your IT operations with the help of HighPoint’s Agile Operations team increases the speed and confidence with which IT is delivered to your business.


Secure, Software-Defined Infrastructure from HighPoint, underpinned by Agile Operations delivers maximum flexibility and agility to your business. Rapid, self-service provisioning of resources accelerates innovation and the development of new revenue streams. Centrally defined, mobile policies enable the environment to be securely extended beyond the boundaries of the organisation, allowing the business to collaborate with and leverage a broader eco-system of top talent and production environments are continuously optimised to assure the customer experience. All of this is delivered at dramatically reduced costs allowing significant re-allocation of traditional budgets towards value-generating activities. Welcome to the Agile Enterprise.



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