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Transformation Programme

Executing digital transformation successfully for your organisation involves many parts of the business simultaneously, creating complex and dependent workstreams to deliver technology, organisational and commercial change across your teams in parallel. HighPoint Transformation Programme services combine the latest in advanced technology expertise with many years of experience in successfully delivering complex change to global business-critical technology environments for enterprise clients to ensure that your programme remains on track and continues to deliver the benefits of digital transformation to the business.


Effective Transformation Programme planning extends far beyond the technology changes that need to take place. Changes to commercial frameworks to improve the efficiency of IT consumption, organisational changes, knowledge transfer, re-skilling and process optimisation are just some of the workstreams that must be co-ordinated effectively to successfully deliver transformation to your organisation and accelerate it towards becoming the Agile Enterprise. Each dependency and activity must be planned into the programme and tracked appropriately to ensure that as various workstreams start to deliver their planned business outcomes, realisation of the expected benefits is validated and made available to the next set of workstream deliverables in line with the business case and overall sustainable plan. The HighPoint Transformation Programme team will help you identify, co-ordinate, plan and track all required workstreams and dependencies to maintain confidence in the programme from the wider organisation and ensure that real progress is maintained and communicated effectively against the digital transformation vision.


One of the key challenges that organisations face is how to transform the business whilst at the same time ensuring that existing operations continue unaffected. Digital transformation will enhance many of the core processes within the business and change must therefore be carefully implemented against business-critical systems without impact. HighPoint’s Transformation Programme methodology has been developed, refined and proven over many years and implementations to deliver highly risk-mitigated change into extremely complex, global technology environments with zero impact to existing services. This generates familiarisation and comfort within the business for making continuous change within the production environment without risk to services and starts to build a key characteristic of the Agile Enterprise into the culture of your organisation.



To discuss how HighPoint’s Transformation Programme services can help you ensure successful realisation of the benefits of digital transformation for your business, simply complete the contact form and we will connect you with our specialist Transformation Programme team.