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Application Assurance

Delivering The Best Possible Customer Experience

Your customers and end-users rely on your business applications, but how do you know if you are delivering the best possible experience? By the time they complain you’ve already lost them, and some simply go elsewhere without you even knowing you’ve lost them.

Being proactive is far better. Knowing what your business-critical applications are, understanding how they operate and more importantly, the customer experience they are delivering in real-time, is essential in today’s competitive markets. Application Assurance from HighPoint lets you establish a baseline for optimal customer experience, with the confidence that it is being delivered consistently to all of your customers all of the time.


You know which applications are most critical to your business. However, do you know how well they are performing for the customers and end-users that rely on them – particularly when access to these applications may not be across infrastructure that you control?

Modern applications are modular, mobile and distributed and rely on other data sources and services that themselves are modular and always being moved and changed. Having a clear and up-to-date understanding of the interactions between all of the components that combine to deliver your business-critical applications is key to measuring real-time performance and assuring your customer experience.


We use market-leading application analytics platforms, combined with our own expertise to provide deep visibility into your business applications and map precisely how they operate end-to-end across your infrastructure. We help you to identify and understand critical application dependencies, geographic placement of workloads, data sovereignty and application security so you can establish real-time control over the compliance, safety and performance of your applications.


Having established a precise understanding of how your critical applications operate, it is possible to analyse performance and review the experience being delivered in real-time to your customers.


Armed with a deep understanding of how your applications work and a granular baseline of how they perform enables you to assure your end-user experience.

We use the analysis gained through your engagement with HighPoint to guide you through methods that assure delivery of the best possible customer experience, addressing key activities such as:

Application refactoring
  To ensure the best possible performance of applications within the environments they reside in.
Geo-placement of workloads
To ensure the right capabilities are placed closest to the end-users that need them.
Data sovereignty
To ensure that data is kept and processed in compliance with legislation.
Application delivery
To ensure your infrastructure is capable and tuned to deliver the desired access and performance and that applications run in a highly secure manner.

The Benefits Delivered

Exceptional Customer Experience

Having a precise understanding of how your applications operate and perform enables you to proactively assure the user experience, giving you the opportunity to make it truly exceptional.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Switching the emphasis from fighting fires to proactively monitoring, managing and improving the performance of business-critical applications means more time and available budget to spend on developing applications that deliver real value and revenue growth to your business.

Robust Compliance & Security

Component level visibility of every element accurately maps applications and the interactions between them allowing you to ensure that data is always retained and processed in a fully compliant and secure manner.



HighPoint provides Application Assurance to many of our clients to help them take control and assure customer experience.

To find out how we can help you deliver value to your business, simply complete the contact form and we will connect you with our specialist team.