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Next Generation Operations


Automation is the life-blood of the Agile Enterprise. The ability to make continuous, zero-risk changes to the entire infrastructure in response to deep-level analytics from every part of your digital business enables lines of business to move at pace to create competitive advantage and drive new market opportunities.

Next Generation Operations leverages automation for every aspect of operating a Secure Software-Defined Infrastructure, from orchestration and provisioning of resources to proactive, AI-driven monitoring, management and remediation of infrastructure issues before they become service impacting.


IT infrastructures have always generated significant amounts of performance data. However, traditional, highly manual approaches to operations have been unable to effectively utilise this data in a coordinated way to significantly impact the costs of supporting the I.T. environment. HighPoint’s Next Generation Operations platforms analyse all available data to develop a real-time view of the current state of the network and can automatically execute the appropriate proactive actions required to resolve issues before they can impact the customer experience.



According to Gartner, traditional IT operating models spend as little as 15% of their budgets on delivering transformational value to the business, with the overwhelming majority of costs being incurred simply to run the environment at existing service levels. Next Generation Operations from HighPoint enables IT departments to spend up to 65% of their available resource engaging with lines of business to identify and deliver new value to the organisation.

Engagement with HighPoint enables customers to define a new IT operating model for their organisations, working across traditional silos, re-focusing available resources on collaborative, value-generating activities and transforming the IT department from a cost centre to a business enabler.

Enabling Next Generation Operations

Next Generation Operations is a different approach to managing IT. Our experts will help you understand what is possible and how automation, analytics and centralised management can simplify and drive efficiency across your operation, transforming the way your organisation consumes technology.

Speed of deployment 
Rapid self-service, automated orchestration and provisioning of resources across multi-cloud environments allows lines of business to bring new applications and capabilities into service quickly.

Proactive issue resolution
Advanced correlation and analytics of infrastructure events proactively monitors service quality and accelerates the identification and remediation of root causes before they become service impacting.

Integral security 
HighPoint’s Next Generations Operations deployment model retains all performance and event data within the boundary of the customer network ensuring that security is never compromised. Audited, automated execution of operations is controlled by defined customer policies eliminating the risk of manual error and unauthorised changes to the IT environment.

The Benefits Delivered

Increased Business Agility

Time to market for new applications and services is significantly accelerated, allowing IT to be responsive to the needs of the business.

Improved Operational Efficiency

The costs of operating IT infrastructure are significantly reduced, allowing more resources to be focused on generating value for the business.

Risk Mitigation & Compliance

Manual errors are eliminated through automation and compliance is enforced by centrally managed policy, improving the security posture of the business and reducing risk to the organisation.



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