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Secure Software-Defined Infrastructure


Whether the goal is responding to the threat of disruption, differentiating from the competition or simply driving greater efficiencies, organisations of all types are looking to digitalisation to transform their business.

To truly leverage the benefits of digitalisation requires a fundamental change in the way IT Infrastructure is planned, designed and operated. Traditional approaches do not provide the agility or flexibility to support rapidly advancing digital ways of working and manual configuration and management are unable to keep up with the pace of change. Next generation organisations need an environment that is driven by business demand, where operations are automated and intelligence is used continuously to optimise performance.

Secure Software-Defined Infrastructure from HighPoint is designed specifically to deliver this environment:

Software-Defined Data Centre
  Delivering seamless, hybrid multi-cloud environments with true workload mobility.
Software-Defined Access
  Consistently applying policy and continually adapting to the needs of your
business and end-users.
Software-Defined WAN
SD WAN enables you to manage inter-site connectivity and bringing end-users closer to the applications and data they need.

The Intent-Based Network

The Intent-Based Network delivers a paradigm shift in the way that core-to-edge enterprise networking is designed and deployed. Rather than focusing on ‘How’ the network should work, the starting point for design is ‘What’ the network needs to deliver to the business – the “Intent”.

The Intent-Based approach translates the required business outcomes into policies that are consistently applied across the entire estate, automating the configuration of components and continually monitoring, analysing and optimising performance. User access, security and quality of service are centrally managed to ensure that the best customer experience is delivered at all times, across any device, regardless of location.

Increased Business Agility

The core-to-edge network is responsive to a rapidly changing digital environment – new applications or services can be deployed at speed providing the business with the flexibility and elasticity it needs.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Time spent designing, configuring and testing your network is vastly reduced. Traditional manual tasks are automated, removing the risk of human error and delivering greater levels of service availability and performance to users.

Better Compliance & Security

Security is integral across hybrid infrastructure environments, ensuring that centrally managed policies are enforced consistently regardless of geographic location and access method.

The Fundamentals of The Intent-Based Network

Translation The ability to capture the intent – the intended behaviour of the network to support the business objectives – and translate this into a comprehensive set of system-wide policies.
Activation The ability to disseminate the policies across the network and to automate the configuration of the infrastructure to consistently execute these policies.
Assurance To continuously check that the expressed intent is being delivered by the network at any point in time, utilising contextual analysis to validate and optimise operation for the desired outcomes.

Software-Defined Data Centre

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Software-Defined Access

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Software Defined WAN

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