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Software-Defined Access


An Intelligent Digital Business Architecture is based on intent and is responsive to the changing demands of the business. Automated deployment, centralised provisioning of services and dynamic re-configuration of resources according to rapidly changing requirements enable IT to maximise the speed and efficiency with which resources are made available across the network to the business.


In a digital business, requirements evolve rapidly and traditional network implementations cannot keep pace with these changes. In order to effectively support the Agile Enterprise, the network must be redefined:

Proprietary, hardware-centric deployments must be replaced with open, programmable software-defined solutions supported by strong automation capabilities.

Security must evolve from a traditional overlay approach to become integral to each component and capability provided by the network, providing context-based security at all times according to centrally defined and managed policies.

Real-time analytics and continuous network optimisation must be employed to ensure the best possible customer experience at all times across all devices from any location.

The result is Software-Defined Access delivering intent-based access.


Software-Defined Access from HighPoint enables you to continually optimise your network, to securely deliver against the needs of the business. It allows you to abstract business intent and translate this into policy that verifies integrity, defines segmentation and consistently applies security measures.

Centralised & automated management Centralised, policy-based management automates the provision, orchestration, configuration and management of your core-to-edge network and beyond into the cloud.
Optimised performance Contextual insights expedite issue resolution, while also enabling capacity planning to be far more effective and therefore ensuring that the end-user experience is maintained.
Virtualisation & agility Virtualisation of network functions allows on-demand configuration of required capabilities across a common set of deployed network, compute and storage resources throughout the infrastructure – wherever they are needed.
Context-based Security Portability of centrally defined and managed security policies ensures that comprehensive layered context-based security is enforced, wherever and however users are accessing applications and data.


Reduced Management Overhead

Through centralised and simplified configuration and management, leveraging intelligent automation.

Increased Business Agility

Using the power of analytics, telemetry and policy to make informed decisions and respond dynamically to changing business needs.

Reduced Security Risk

By controlling access based on centrally managed policy and enabling a holistic and context-based approach to security.



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