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Transforming The Software Defined Wide-Area-Network (SD WAN)

The IT landscape has changed significantly over the past decade and continues to change at a rapid pace. The adoption of the cloud-based applications combined with a geographically dispersed workforce and greater demand to access data and applications is putting the traditional Wide-Area-Network (WAN) under tremendous pressure. Read our blog on why it’s time to rethink traditional WAN.

Simply increasing bandwidth is not the answer. Organisations need to place more intelligence into their wide area network, increasing visibility, control and management to ensure they securely deliver the best possible experience to each user, regardless of where they are on the corporate network.

The Fundamentals of SD-WAN

Software-Defined Networking in a Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) leverages all of the principles of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and overlays this onto your existing inter-site connectivity. By separating the physical infrastructure from the controlling application, you are able to apply greater intelligence to how traffic is routed across your network, dynamically applying policy and context to the WAN.

SD-WAN enables digital and cloud transformation by providing flexibility and choice on how users access the applications, workloads and data they need without compromising security. It allows you to define the ‘Intent’ for WAN use, to automatically apply these policies to each location and dynamically manage traffic flow to deliver the best possible user experience.


An SD wan solution from HighPoint delivers visibility, control and automated management of your extended network – connecting geographically dispersed end-users to the applications and data they need.

Optimising the cloud experience SD-WAN automates virtual private gateway deployments into IaaS and PaaS environments, while also optimising access to SaaS-based applications to deliver the best possible user experience.
End-to-end security With SD-WAN you can centrally deploy the right security to each location and manage certified trustworthy platforms. Through segmenting network traffic, you are able to more effectively protect your business against data exfiltration and insider threats.
Visibility and control SD-WAN provides you with complete visibility and control across your end-to-end WAN. Utilising intent and policy-based rules, you can intelligently manage QoS and connectivity SLAs ensuring you deliver a predictable application experience to end-users.

Key Benefits Delivers

Increased Business Agility

Through increased control and central management, the ability to rapidly deploy new sites or add new services across the network.

Improved Performance

Through policy-based management that ensures the fastest and most reliable connection is utilised, delivering the best possible end-user experience.

Reduced Security Risk

Through the ability to make security an integral part of the WAN and remotely deploy the most appropriate security measures at each site.

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