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Software-Defined Data Centre

Managing Multi-Cloud Environments

Workload mobility, lower public cloud costs and the ability to rapidly spin up resources independently of established organisational governance and procurement frameworks are extending the boundaries of traditional data centres and leading most organisations to operate hybrid, multi-cloud environments. This presents complex challenges: How to balance and switch workloads seamlessly across clouds, how to ensure consistent security policies and postures across multiple cloud environments and how to capitalise on the inherent elasticity of the available resources.

Agile Enterprises need software-defined data centres that simplify, automate and secure critical on-premise and cloud application and data environments seamlessly.


Software-Defined Data Centre delivers an intent-based environment by translating defined business outcomes into a set of centrally managed portable policies that are applied to and travel with workloads wherever they reside.

This enables the Agile Enterprise to leverage a true hybrid cloud environment for applications and data, utilising a combination of on-premise, co-located and public cloud offerings as appropriate for maximum efficiency and flexibility, all with the confidence that a common set of segmentation, security and availability policies are applied consistently throughout the hybrid multi-cloud.

Management and orchestration of workloads across the hybrid cloud is achieved seamlessly through a single management console, allowing monitoring, configuration and visibility of applications and data stores that are dispersed across multiple cloud environments.


Software-Defined Data Centre from HighPoint is aware of, and responsive to, the needs of individual applications, ensuring that optimum service levels are maintained for business and mission critical applications at all times.

Hybrid, multi-cloud deployment Enable a single operational model across multiple cloud domains including on-premise data centres, private clouds and public clouds.
Common policy abstraction Centrally managed and consistent identity, segmentation, security and access policies.
Automatic scalability Dynamically scale resources across the hybrid cloud to seamlessly accommodate fluctuations in business demand.
Consistent security posture Enforce organisational policies consistently across the business with portable, context-based application-aware security.


Reduced Costs

Significantly lower operational expenditure by optimising the usage of public and private cloud resources.

Increased Business Agility

Simplify and accelerate the deployment of applications across multiple hybrid cloud environments. Read the Blog

Enhanced Application Security

Enforce security for corporate applications and data through centrally managed, consistently applied policies that travel with the application.



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