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Technology Acceleration

Technologies evolve over time to deliver new features, occasionally delivering step-changes in capabilities that have the potential to radically shift how organisations can leverage them for competitive advantage and cost-efficiency. Frequently, however, deployment of these differentiating capabilities and the ROI they bring takes too long or in some cases never happen at all due to a lack of available engineering resource to develop the detailed knowledge of the new technology required to deploy it effectively. HighPoint Technology Acceleration services are designed to overcome this problem and allow you to rapidly and confidently deploy advanced technology capability within your organisation to increase business agility and gain competitive advantage.


Your team know the technology fundamentals. What they need is rapid knowledge assimilation of the new capabilities and practical help on how to implement and operate the new technology efficiently whilst avoiding the common pitfalls associated with inexperience and lack of familiarisation. HighPoint’s Technology Acceleration methodology puts your team side by side with our highly experienced engineers throughout to maximise knowledge transfer, build practical skills quickly and ensure confidence in rapidly deploying advanced capabilities into production.


New advanced technologies from manufacturers often have detailed implementation and configuration guides however these are usually not cognisant of the existing engineering and deployment standards that many organisations have in place to ensure interoperability, compliance and protection for current service availability. Aligning the new technologies with existing corporate standards to satisfy engineering certification requirements for deployment into the production environment can be time-consuming and increases the lag between feature availability and deployment, significantly impacting the agility that IT can provide to the business. HighPoint Technology Acceleration services speed up the alignment of new technologies with your existing technology governance frameworks allowing you to accelerate delivery of the competitive edge that advanced technologies bring to your business.



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